Solar, Coal, Oil, & Gas

We are fortunate to live in area of the world where minerals are abundant. If you own unimproved land, it is more likely then not that someone will approach you to develop those minerals. The potential compensation to the mineral owner can be great. However, there are many concerns that must be addressed to protect the owner and the surface of the land. We will consult with you on your various options. There is no standard agreement. All agreements are negotiable.  If you wish we will negotiate your agreement.

Services Provided

  • Review Leases
  • Review Purchase Agreements or Assignments
  • Prepare Leases
  • Prepare Purchase Agreements or Assignments
  • Prepare Lease Addendums
  • Mineral Title Opinions
  • Litigation regarding Mineral Rights
  • Lapsed Mineral Interests
  • Tax-Free Exchange
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